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Offshore Service

Nam Tien Company has now many work teams, who have been trained and good experience in working on offshore platform. Professional and multi disciplined workers are available at any time to suit your needs. Regardless of your requirements be it manning solutions or execution of a project, the quality and effectiveness of the worker remain the same.
We have a range type of offshore equipment with flexibility for our offshore projects. We hold many offshore container, offshore basket which have been load-tested and certified according to standard DNV2.7-1 Offshore container. We also stock large quantities of scaffolding material and accessories. Thus allows us to achieve quick turnaround and meet the demands of our project, thus remaining productive.
We have been providing wire type of offshore service for our client. And we are focusing to develop the offshore services to be our core business next future to:

  • Offshore platform general maintenance and modification.
  • Offshore painting service.
  • Offshore scaffolding and insulation service.