Welcome to Nam Tien Company

Nam Tien Company is a steel fabrication company focusing on delivering a wide/diverse range of products for the Oil and Gas industry.  Founded as a contractor of Oil and Gas projects onshore and offshore, we have been building up our reputation by providing the best in class products and services in order to expand our focus into various different industries as marine, mining, infrastructure and public works. Below are our main products and services:
Specialized Services:
Installation, mechanical work on offshore.
Blasting and painting for steel projects.
Providing and installation all kind of insulation work.
Renting equipments and manpower for Oil and Gas projects.
Installation, maintenance and repair for onshore and offshore projects of:
Piping, pipeline projects, fire fighting system.
Gas distribution station, gas process plant, petroleum depot, chemical depot.
Ship or floating equipments.
Providing on demand services for oil and gas works.
Manufacture and fabrication:
All type of API 650 standard storage tank.
Container tank (20feet, 40feet ISO container), portable tank, mud tank.
Metering Skid, PCV Skid, Pig Trap.

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Offshore Container, Offshore Basket, Offshore Waste Bin, Offshore Skid
which are strictly manufactured in accordance with offshore standard code
DNV 2.7-1, BS EN 12079 to ensure the highest level of quality and safety.
We ensure to provide Quality Assured Steel Fabricated products and services to all Clients.

Nam Tien Company is the right choice for you! where most complete and trusted the customers can easy to put the trust into the product, services. We have been and will always focus on the product quality, with the best services and products for our customers.
Our philosophy is the simplicity, easy to use and high efficiency. The innovation and update are continuous. We create the products and services more and more perfect for our customers.
We always work hard, receiving the customers’ opinion and making the best product for our customers. We show our commitment by providing the high quality products that people have the high assessment. Our customers and partners can expect that all of branches of us produce the best product possible.
We have too many teams work for onshore and offshore in Vung Tau as well as many partners in Viet Nam. So we can support 24/7 for our Client.

From our sound foundations, you can depend upon NamTien Company for products, services on timely and professionally delivery with the best quality!
Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Yours faithfully!

For and on behalf of Nam Tien Company

                NGUYEN DUC CUONG


NamTien Company has now:
Many qualified employees, who have been experienced in Oil and Gas projects.
4000m2 workshop is completely equipped with full of base equipments.
First class of Manufacturing Procedures and Quality Control Procedures.